Whole Larder Love began as an online journal by Rohan Anderson, documenting the story of a significant life change.
A transformation from a stressed out city living, obese, unhealthy and burnt out man to reconnecting with nature and working towards improved health via the medium of food, thus exposing the flaws in our modern food system. 

Rohan's metamorphosis was driven by a desire to alter food and lifestyle choices. At the beginning, he was clearly unhealthy.  Obesity, food allergy, anxiety, depression and hyper-tension where all part of daily reality (most of which he was medicated for). Gradually he came to realise he was his own worst enemy. It was his actions alone that landed him in this dubious state of personal health. His health concerns, a growing understanding of his environmental impact and the responsibility of being a parent, where catalysts nudging him to make deliberate change. 

From highly processed frozen chicken nuggets, to fresh backyard grown broccoli, that’s the story in a nutshell. Rohan has gone to great lengths to find answers and has taken practical action to address what he identified as the contributing factors to his personal health issues, and his undeniable impact on the natural world. 

He started by converting his 9m x 9m city backyard to an urban food bowl, with vegetables, fruit and nut trees. He taught himself how to hunt, fly fish and safely search for wild food. He eventually moved away form the city, establishing himself in the Central Highlands of Victoria, where he grows food and hunts wild fair to feed his family. He’s fostered a personal food community of like minded people, that not only trade food, but more importantly, share ideas, skills and support one another.  

Through his journey, he has come to realise the significance of his desire to return to a more honest relationship with nature, to better understand it’s role in producing the food that fuels us. More fundamental than simply growing his broccoli or chopping fire wood, is a deeper understanding that the opinions, beliefs and industrial systems of man, are trivial when compared to the reality and rules of nature. He has developed a very rudimentary understanding, based on his own personal experience and observation, that as long as the human species continues to fuel itself with un-natural, processed food, the longer the humans will remain unhealthy, and the momentum of obesity and diet related health issues will continue to rise. 

 Not believing in terms such as ‘sustainable’ or ‘self sufficient’, terms often used inappropriately, instead he advocates for a greater understanding of ones impact on environment. He sees solutions in a more practical sense, by identifying ways to reduce our personal impact, at the very least embracing concepts such as local and organic. From there, we can build a better understanding of the consequences that our daily consumer choices have, in our bodies, and the natural world. Not advocating for a return to cave man conditions, instead a more realistic awareness of the consequences of consumerism, of which none of us can avoid. It’s all about identification, choice and reduction, not isolation from civilisation. 

Rohan has published two books, Whole Larder Love and A Year of Practiculture and currently writes for The Guardian. 

During summer months, Rohan sells organic vegetables and ethically raised meat to customers in Melbourne that are interested in supporting local growers and eating real food. 

For speaking engagements, writing commissions, demonstrations and workshops, make contact here.