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I finally got around to setting up a place for you to purchase my book direct from my family room to yours!
If you have an Australian postal address you can now buy the WholeLarderLove book directly from me HERE. Today I wrapped up my first batch, and I felt a little proud as I wrapped each book. I’m still very much a backyard operation. I love it! Just in case you get excited about my packing skills, don’t. I’m one of those male’s, you know the ones…..we lack the skills to make things look pretty. I have done my best. I used hipsters paper and hipster string. But the practical twitch embedded in me made me thick wrap each precious book in bubble wrap. I’d hate for a book to arrive all battered and crappy just because I wanted it to look good wrapped!

Each week now I’ll wrap up a bunch of books and send them to you. I really hope you all enjoy it and cook plenty of hearty meals from food you’ve grown or acquired the old way.


PS. Sorry for anyone outside of Australia, I can’t ship to you, ┬ábut you can buy the book here.

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  • Nicola Galloway

    I would love to get my hands on one of your books. I just came across your site and love it! So true to my heart and philosophy of cooking, however, I leave the hunting to the man of the house and I grow the vegetables for the table. Do you know who is selling them in New Zealand? I prefer to buy direct from a NZ bookseller rather than online. Thanks, Nicola

    • rohan

      Moore wilson in Welly sells it, and I guess it’s available at most book stores as it’s published via Penguin. Good luck!!

      • Nicola Galloway

        Thanks will check out Moore Wilson’s.

      • Sally

        We live in the Wairarapa and our local bookshop is ordering it in for me. He said it might take ten days or so but was so intrigued by the look and description of the book that he is getting 3 or 4 copies – not just the one for me!! Really looking forward to it arriving and just sorry I couldn’t have received a Rohan-wrapped-one!!!

  • Benj Binks

    One of those is mine! So excited!

    • rohan

      Hey yes!!! I saw that and though of olives! ;-)

      • Benj Binks

        Keep it free next year – you’ll love it!

  • Sophie

    Plain brown paper and string are considered ‘Hipster’ now? Haha. What about The Sound of Music? :-)

    Where can I purchase the book in Melbourne? At any particular book stores?

    • Alina

      Readings sells it :)

  • max bennett

    i asked my local library here in new zealand to buy a copy and they did, so you can defo get it here somewhere. read it and loved it, copied out 1/2 the recipes and took it to heart. bought us a family fishing licence for a christmas present and got the kid a (pink) rod from father christmas. a summer of sitting on river banks is very appealing x

  • kenzie king

    Yah, but if we non-Aussies order one, it won’t be all wrapped in love! Congrats on the book, it looks fantastic!

  • Blue Tongue Berries

    Hi Rohan,

    I received your book a couple of weeks ago for my birthday and have it read from cover to cover – I love it, the photos are just beautiful. I’ve ignored our stingy nettles for too long and want to cook some up but of course this year, being so dry already, there isn’t enough nettle for the pot! I will be sharing the joys of your book with like minded people in the Seymour area – there’s an active Black Market here which is fabulous. Thank you for taking the time to write and sharing your experiences.

    • rohan

      Thanks for sharing Cynthia! I’m stoked to hear you like the book!

  • Valerie

    Hi Ro, Great that you are supplying them from here. I have just purchased 4, for Christmas pessies, from NZ via an ebay site. They were great and did free shipping. Better to get them wrapped by you though! I love the book and plan on making many scrummy foraged dinners from it. Valerie

  • Toni Fish

    Hi Rohan, great to know I can get the book direct from you. I imagine you’ll have quite a few Tassie orders given the size of your following down here.


    • rohan

      Really? I didn’t know that! I’m coming down to Tassie in a few weeks time to demo some rabbit processing at Mona. Come on down!

  • Yawen

    Hi Rohan, thank you for sharing all the wonderful bits and pieces of your life and a way of living, it’s been very inspirational. Congratulations on the book and have just ordered one as a xmas present for my partner. He’s going to love it! Yawen

    • rohan

      Thanks Yawen!

  • kim

    Hi Rohan, I thought you might enjoy knowing that a copy of your book is sitting on my bookshelf here in Munich. It’s the only book that I brought over from Australia, at the special request of my German boyfriend- he says he knows where to find stinging nettle here! We both really enjoy your blog.

    • rohan

      Thats so rad to hear Kim!!!

  • Mara

    Wish I could get a Rohan wrapped one delivered here in Canada… I guess amazon will have to do? So happy for your success with the book :)

    • rohan


  • Alicia

    Just ordered mine as a reward to myself for giving up fags(it’s been a week today), linking your book to my blog this week. Am so looking forward to getting my uniquely personal package in the mail straight from your home to mine :)

  • Jessie

    Ordered mine last week, can’t wait!

  • Jo

    Your beautifully wrapped book arrived here yesterday- it has gone straight under our Christmas tree as a gift for my husband from me and our girls. So frustrating as I can’t have a sneak peek first, I’ll have to wait until Christmas Day too!

    • rohan

      Enjoy it Jo!!!

  • Lujii

    Posted on I wish I had seen this how-to! I would have tried it also and I’m sure would have ended up the same.(What a year for Halloween disasters, never had so many myelsf actually.)Scary is the point though, huh?