Do Lectures Wales – 2014

5 – 8 JUNE  Do Farm Wales, UK


NEST 5 YEARS – Workshop and Feast

21 JUNE – NEST CAFE, Tumbarumba, Snowy Mountains NSW


Plywood Presents  - SEE UNSEEN

6 – 7 AUGUST Fox Theatre Atlanta, Georgia, USA













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  • rohan

    Forthcoming 2013 in the US!

  • Dan

    What would it take to get you to come to Pittsburgh, PA?

  • heather bowes

    Would love to know your dates (location) for Maine, or Vt. when you have them firmed up. I am in NH, if you could use a NH location we could get you one!

  • Brandon

    I’m in Georgia but will gladly head over to Alabama to see you in action! Looking forward to it!

  • Jeff

    Did you take Delaware off your list?

    • rohan

      I’m not getting much response from California. Maybe Delaware has event possibilities?

      • Dirk Tolsma

        Don’t skip California, we’d love to see you in San Francisco. We’re busy processing our spring vegetables, it might take us a little time!!

      • Orris

        Definitely don’t skip us San Franciscans!! Your presence would be such a treat!

        • rohan

          I’m doing a book shop signing in San Fran! Details released next week.

  • Oliver

    Looking forward to Austin, Texas. Please let me know if you need anything in Texas.

    • rohan

      Cheers Oliver! I’m looking forward to Texas too!

  • Colin

    My boss and I live in Columbus, OH and are planing to attend the Louisville or the Chicago event, maybe the NYC event if the timing is right. Any word on the actual dates?


    • rohan

      Not yet Colin but I’ll post the dates as soon as I have them….maybe in the next few weeks.

  • terri soumilas

    looks good

  • heather m bowes

    You should come to New Hampshire! I bet with the help of NOFA we could get a great turnout near Concord. Hopefully you at least make it to Boston, give a shout if you would like some help setting something up!

  • Jim

    Rohan, any plans to come up to Vancouver, Canada?

    • rohan

      I did have originally but the budget has been reduced somewhat!