humble summer broccoli & garlic pasta

I used to think of broccoli as an end of winter veg, but in fact it’s something that grows well into summer and is still very much in season for us now. It’s one of those vegetables that I tend to use in the same dishes over and over again, just because they’re easy and the kids love them. Kate makes the best broccoli fritters that are a huge winner and I like to make a simple pasta sauce.


For those people enjoying the WLL veg boxes we delivered last week, I thought I’d share my ‘go to easy as pie’ recipe (but it’s not pie, its pasta).


Stuff you need:
Two bunches of fresh broccoli (chop the florets off and chop fine)
300g pasta
1 egg
2 x tbsp pouring cream
1 cup grated peccorino
olive oil
6 garlic coves diced
Small handful of garlic chives (chopped)


Cook the pasta in salted boiling water, a few minutes before it reaches al dente through in the broccoli.
While the broccoli and pasta is boiling, fry the chopped garlic in olive oil in a fry pan. When cooked to your liking set aside (for this dish I like mine brown like chips, as they give a nice punch of flavour)
When the pasta is cooked, drain and return to the pot, allow a little of the water to remain. Allow the steaming pasta to cool down a little, maybe a minute or two, then add the whole egg, peccorino, cream and fried garlic and stir well.
Show a little pasta lovin’ with olive oil, grate over some peccorino and garnish with fresh garlic chives.
Veg boxes are open for order this week, we’d love to get final numbers before Wed’s worst case Thursday so we give the farmer enough time to pick them on the Friday. I hope you’re all enjoying the produce box!
PS. We have set up some sensible terms and conditions for veg box orders. Check them out on the site here.

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  • Dave

    Looks delicious! In fact we made pretty much the same dish with orecchiette (plus chilli and anchovies) Pasta plus broccoli is a big win.

  • Eleanor

    Yum. I’m making this tonight & cheers to you for such a great book. I made the BBQ Lamb Kofta today. Total hit.

  • Liz

    I cook this number: cheap, cheerful, nutritious and with homegrown broccoli extra delicious. Thanks for elevating one of my stand-bys, also delicious with the addition of chilli salt or anchovies or olives :)

  • RagingCravings

    I love the gorgeous images on your blog. You really make the everyday beautiful!

  • Brenda

    oh pasta and broccoli is one of the hubbies favourite dishes. yum xx

  • Darrun

    tHat looksnice, i Like potatos

  • Miss Piggy

    I love broccoli and pasta. Can you tell me please when do you add the cream (I can’t see that step – I must be having a Mr McGoo day).

  • jen brownscombe

    How do you stop the cabbage moths/caterpillars decimating your broccoli? Do you net it or some other method…?

  • Eliesha

    I do a very similar broccoli/pasta dish – substitute lemon zest, olive oil and s&p for your cream and egg – it’s my lazy week night go to.

  • Mitch

    Hooray! A post without politics!

  • The Life of Clare

    I love pasta with broccoli, in fact I love everything with broccoli, it’s my favourite!

  • Carly

    I’ve never been able to grow broccoli Rohan. Not for my lack of trying. It always just goes to seed. This year it produced some little wispy ones but that’s about it :( Yours look lovely though.

  • Deborah Robertson

    Hello, it’s winter…..hoping for spring here in Canada, but I just finished making, and eating this wonderful dish. I don’t know what it is about broccoli and pasta, but it really works! I make a similar broccoli, tortolini, lemon dish…..I enjoy your posts and love your energy. As a long ago vegetable gardener I really enjoy your energy, all the best, Deborah

  • Filomena Henderson

    Hi Rohan pasta with broccoli was a very popular pasta dish in my house growing up and still is, being from a sicilian background we ate it with ricotta salata on top which is ricotta that has been salted and dried in the sun. You can do it yourself if you have any ricotta left over and it is delicious on pasta with broccoli and pasta served with fresh tomato sauce made with tomatoes from your garden. My parents have some baking in the sun as we speak.

  • look see.

    Looks delicious! :)