Open letter to Cole Supermarkets and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Hello Coles and Mal,

I'm sure you're both aware that Australia's health is a little bit shit at the moment. It's obvious that we're a tad chubbier than we used to be, but that's not the half of it. Obesity is obvious, but we also have lots of hidden health problems attributed to our diet and lifestyle choices. High salt is giving us unprecedented hyper tension problems, sugar seems to be adding to the diabetic epidemic, and auto immune diseases are off the gluten IBS charts.  

I know you both care, and I'm sure you want to see something done about it, so I'm showing a bit of innovation and initiative (just like you asked PM Mal ;-)) and writing you this pleading letter asking for some help.

Our health care system is overrun with 'clients' presenting with illness's that are diet and lifestyle related, and I have this sneaking suspicion that if we addressed what people were eating in the first place, then we might be able to reduce the amount of preventable illness's that are like, so hot right now. I have a project that I've been trying to get off the ground for a few years now. I call it 'The Nursery Project'. It's a foundation, foundation owned, Not-for-Profit, Tax recipient and it's aim is simple.

To teach people how to eat better and be healthy.

The Nursery Project is a physical place, it's a school kitchen that will teach people how to cook with real food, we will run classes teaching sensible and practical nutrition with the idea to improve peoples understanding of the importance of food and how it influences our personal health. 

You see, there's is a lot of misleading information out there, and we the people are so confused. The food producing companies are placing the onus on us to make better food choices, but we keep making making poor choices because we haven't been educated properly. We pick up a packet of food at a supermarket that tells us it's healthy, but when we look at the ingredients it's loaded with sugar, salt and preservatives. Being so confused and bewildered, we've kind of given up as a population and now we eat all sorts of funny 'food' like products, which between you and me are making us a bit sick. I'm sure you're aware of the statistics.

Showing a bit of initiative, we thought we'd try and help turn things around and set up a place to teach people what's not really being taught. We'd like to teach that old approach to healthy living, lots of veg, fruit with a little meat, some grains and dairy, but very little processed food. We aim to educate via fun experiences what food really is, like carrots, zucchini and eggplant, and what their amazing uses are other than just funny emojis. 

But we're just little people, we can't do it on our own. And we figured we should embrace the disrupt approach by asking one of the two large supermarkets that, well let's be honest, sells a lot of the food that's making us sick. Which I can confirm from personal experience, your food made me morbidly obese, the salt hidden in your processed food gave me hyper tension, the sulphites gave me respiratory problems and the sugar played funny games with my brain. It's not a nice reality to hear, but the products I habitually purchased from your store for years is what made me sick, but here in this letter you are being offered an opportunity to turn that around. Oh and by the way Coles, I no longer eat your processed foods, so I've lost 22kg, I have no problems with high blood pressure, allergies and my mental state is vastly improved. I no longer need to buy pharmaceutical products to treat my medical symptoms, which I find very interesting, don't you? Imagine if that happened on a broad scale Prime Minister. Imagine how much money the government would save having less patients in a poor state of health just like the old version of me. Just a thought anyway (btw, hope you're having fun in China Mr PM, that's where apples come from now, but that's an environmental issue we shouldn't touch on right now, might be a little bit delicate while you're there).

So what do we need? We need good old money. We need money to buy land, to build infrastructure and to hire people to teach our students.  

Hey Coles, it's tax deductible so don't stress, because that means more money for you. (I used to work in your head office, so I know how much you love making money for the shareholders. ;-) wink wink, cha ching! No point hiding it, you're a massive profit driven company, you're not the Salvation Army. 

Coles, at the very least have a pretty good fresh produce section. We think that's a great start for better nutrition even if it's not produced with the highest of environmental standards, it's a damn fine start (in regards to better nutritional health). Unfortunately we can't help promote your processed foods, high sugar sauces, frozen nuggets or celebrity chef endorsed ready meals, but we can tell people to go buy your lettuce, beetroots and grapes and other fresh whole food produce (if they're Australian grown that is. Ha ha so many issues). 

I hope you're the slightest bit interested. I know it's a bit weird me writing to you, but, as I hope you can understand, I'm a little frustrated with the lack of inaction in regards to the health and wellbeing of Australia. Such a pretty country, so many sick people though, can't be a good look for tourism. Anyways, if you want to drop me a line to discuss further, there is a contact form above. Say hello, maybe together we could make some real fine change happen for this country.