Workshop, Whole Larder Love Style

Over the years I’ve been asked how I do this and that…mostly  what’s the best technique for a certain processes that will result in a meal or some other process that is a regular part of my way of life. Sometimes it’s impossible to answer these questions in a couple of sentences because the task in question is complex. So we’ve looked at some possible venues and crunched some numbers and we now want to see if there is any real interest in holding some workshops to share these skills with you.


Imagine a weekend (Friday night to Sunday arvo) in sweet accommodation in Daylesford (pics to come) where I’ll teach you whatever it is that your interested in learning. We have a massive kitchen for cooking demos, a pizza oven for dinner cooking and the accommodation is so cool, I want to move in permanently!



Here is a range of things I often get asked about, I’d like to get an idea of which areas people would like to cover:

  • Rabbits – skinning, gutting, butchering and cooking (you have to do one yourself though)
  • Trout – smoking (hot), butterfly filleting
  • Wild Mushroom foraging – whats safe, cooking demo
  • Backyard dispatch – whats the best way to dispatch a bird and how to butcher it…(you have to do one yourself though)
  • Gardening – seasonal info
  • Firearms –  safety, maintenance, cleaning care
  • Curing meat – how to make jamon, chorizo, bacon, pancetta etc
  • Larder – passata/jam/relish making
  • Flour – bread/pasta/pizza base making

The workshop sessions would be in small intimate numbers so I can get around to everyone and answer individual needs.


Things I can’t cover, because I’m not really sure how I do them myself, are photography and writing. They just happen. I can’t teach that.

Our number crunching is based on 12 people per workshop weekend, and would include:

  • 2 nights accommodation in Daylesford
  • a hamper of local goodies on arrival
  • all meals
  • cooking demos
  • how tos
  • tips and tricks

approx $475pp


I’d love to get some feedback and even see if there is enough viable interest to book a one off event.





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  • Luisa Brimble

    hell yes!!!! damn!!! i want to go this one for sure!!!! eeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!

  • Andy

    Curing meat, Backyard dispatch, Trout and Mushrooms would be my picks!

  • Jen

    I’d be interested in some cooking demos, and wild mushrooming…..I already live in Daylesford so accommodation not so enticing..

  • sarah

    I think a mushroom foraging workshop would be wonderful! It is an area I have a strong interest in but often find here in Aus is difficult to get the right knowledge. Gardening tips and tricks would be great also.
    Is foraging for other goodies AS well as mushrooms doable?

  • Rach

    Look at you getting all famous and doing workshops!
    Good on ya man, chasing dreams.

    We need to catch up!

    Rach x

  • krista

    Sounds awesome, although for me it’s too expensive. It’s a niche’ market to cater to. We have thought about running our own preserving course, as thats how we keep the years harvest, but are people wanting to learn it? Maybe thats another thing to add to your list, preserving, if you can find someone willing to teach it :)

    I have your book, and follow your blog and its wonderful to see like minded folk, trying to feed a family off the land. We hope to be as self sufficient as possible one day. I believe in bartering, and I feel proud when I get feedback on my eggs, jams, pickles, meats and veg.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Andy

      Sounds great!!! Love to take part in this. Butchering, cooking, smoking, meat curing and seasonal gardening info.

  • jill burns

    Yes please – we’d love to! Could probably rally up about 5 others also so let me know! (Preferably in advance as we’re in Sydney).

  • Mark Welker

    Woohoo! Larder, Curing and mushrooms!

  • Peter Brandis

    Yes, please. Back yard meat processing, incl chickens, rabbits, other small animals, how to store and use the whole chicken/rabbit (eg liver, organs eek) – incl smoking etc. Firearms also. Plus foraging. Heck, buddy, the who shebang.

    • Leigh

      I second the meat processing,firearms -yeah.. trapping? And other alternatives. Fishing, yep. Mushies, they’re seasonal though right? If so, yes if it’s for real, not so much if it’s theory.Accomodation.. might this be the main cost? I’d love to, but learning and meeting folk would be my priority. I’d love camping out comfy style, especially if it cost less, or more doe went to you for teaching and organising us.

  • Simon

    I reckon it’s a great idea. I’m from rural nsw so it would have to be a special trip for me and it would have to be under the permission of the boss. . . .so probably something i wouldn’t be able to attend myself unless a holiday trip coincides . .

    My two cents worth: I think all of those things are viable but you might have to mix it up a bit. Maybe drop the gun maintence? If people have a firearm already they should be educated on keeping it clean and in working order. And maybe the most inaccesible part of the package to most.

    Day1 fish or chicken dressing followed by foraging. Dinner that night includes fish or chicken and foraged goods
    Day2 Curing of meat and then rabbit dispatch followed by garden tips

    (swap these around and have dinner on sat of whatever was dispatched and cleaned that day).

    Maybe dispatching and dressing two lots of animal might be too much over the weekend? Maybe do one animal type per workshop and fit in the curing/foraging/veges over the rest of the weekend? Maybe chicken or rabbit one day, fish the next – chickens and fish are prob going to be the most accessible to people due to firearm access in this country.

    Basically mix it up and don’t put all your eggs in one basket – leaving people options to come back for another session. Then you can do winter/summer, spring/autumn sessions

    Personally i’d be more interested in the curing, the rabbit (i’ve already done my own chickens), shroom foraging and vege garden stuff . . . . oh and the storing/bottling your produce. Youtube is a good resource but it can’t beat hands on practicable knowledge with a bunch of other people to see what you’re doing right/wrong. My chicken experience was a bit lonely – although it helped to bite the bullet and get on with the job.

  • Sue

    For what its worth I would happily pay to learn all of those things! Of particular interest would be the mushroom foraging, curing meat and backyard dispatch though not in any particular order

  • Mary

    Excellent idea. Curing meat and larder would be of interest to me.

  • Shane

    Any chance of a webcast for us non-aussies?

    • Tara

      I second that. Make a paid webcast, reach the world. E.g. is doing it with a much more mundane topic. I would have loved to join.

  • Kim

    all the workshop topics sound great. Maybe you could consider a camping version for those on a tight budget? Or perhaps you could also just run the workshops as a one day or half day event- it would be better for locals, and you could do it more often. Great idea. Hope you do get it off the ground.

    • Leigh

      Second the camping option, or maybe a glamping option ;)

  • Tim Waddell

    I’d be all over such a workshop like white on rice.

    I have two mates who would also likely be interested. Fair warning: it would be 350kg of gentlemen turning up for a Bromantic weekend away.

    It looks amazing!

    • Poul

      I would be very interested indeed.

  • Grace Stubee

    Definitely interested! Mainly in- curing meat, wild mushroom foraging and rabbits/ backyard dispatch.

    Can’t wait!

  • Naomi Liddell

    I would be there in a heartbeat.

    Although I would need to work out my way from Perth to Dalesford.

    I’ll be a 26 year old with zero experience in all of the above, but droves of interest and a get-stuck-in-about-it attitude. And my husband would be all over it like a pigeon with a chip.

  • synjon

    dont suppose you want to come to perth?

  • Peg

    We live in central Vic and would love to attend your workshop.
    Love your blog and your generous sharing of your adventures.I agree with Simon re firearm info.

  • Graham

    Also very interested – especially rabbits/chickens/curing/mushrooms.

    See you in autumn?

  • Frankly Feisty

    Curing meat, Larder and Wild Mushroom foraging are all things I’d LOVE to learn in a hands on environment.
    But, sadly, I can’t afford the entire weekend cost.
    I’m in Central Vic and off the grid solar, composting loo, tanks and dams and teensy income.
    If you ever run individual sessions for these skill sets, I’d be in. I’m guessing there’d be plenty if others like me too.
    The weekend experience DOES sound awesome, and I hope it’s a massive success.

    • Frankly Feisty

      Just want to clarify, that for two days including accommodation, I think it is incredible value for money.
      It’s just something we couldn’t afford on our budget.

  • dixiebelle

    Totally lost my comment.

    Short version: yes, my husband (and myself) would love to do a workshop with you. We are in Canberra, but either he could make the trip, or maybe if we get babysitting, we could both come along and leave the kids/ chooks with Grandma…

    Most interested in:

    Butchering/ processing rabbits (and goat/ deer?) for his bowhunting
    Small goods/ meat curing
    Trout & fishing stuff, smoking
    Wild mushroom foraging
    Backyard chicken dispatch/ processing

    Also, I am interested firearms, and the other stuff too, really.

    • Hoppy

      Rohan, we’re in Canberra too, would definitely travel down for it. Dixibelle’s list suits us too!

      • Jacqui & Iain

        Also in Canberra. Bunny and chook dispatch, fish/meat smoking and curing. Will come if able to get time off work. Great idea!!!!

        • Susan

          Hoppy, Jacqui and Iain, I’m in Canberra too. If we all wanted to go to the same workshop, perhaps we could roadtrip together? I alredy cure and smoke my own bacon here in Lyneham, I’d be happ to chat about how I do it if you’d like.

          • Jacqui & Iain

            Damn, Susan! Brilliant and very generous. Just about to delve into your blog…had no idea that the Nunnery had been converted in QBN. Shall get in touch soon. Jacqui

          • Susan

            Excellent. When Rohan identifies when the workshops’ll run, we can figure it out on facebook or my blog, just drop me a line.

            By the way, Benedict House is really nice. The food is great, as is the whole location and setup.

  • Sue Curnow

    Hi mate we just love cooking so let us know what workshops you run and if time permits we will be there!!!! Congrats on the book etc great job

  • Scott

    Curing meat – I’d be real keen on this! Charcuterie between cultures changes so much. This is one area I haven’t dabbled in yep but keen as mustard.

    Wild Mushroom foraging – also keen but would imagine things are different between countries and climates. If I can find cheap flights from NZ I’m keen!

  • Michael

    Hi Rohan, This is such a great idea – I’ve looked into learning some of these skills from online and book resources, but for me it’s been a frustrating experience and I think best learned in person. I’d be very interested in any of the following: Rabbits, Wild Mushroom, Backyard Dispatch and Curing meat offerings. I think relatively speaking the indicative price offers good value for money (especially with all the inclusions) and for me is within reach as a birthday or xmas present. Thanks, I hope it gains traction and takes off, I’d really love to attend. Best regards, Michael.

  • Fraser from Old Mill Rd

    Go for it big guy. Also perhaps consider the Rohan travelling roadshow, finding venues close to Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane etc. And you can have one of my ideas right here for free.

    I am not necessarily interested in many of the things you offer, I fell competent in most but I would like to learn how to cure meats for example. I would definitely pay a sum for a well produced and detailed online video-subject-curing meats 101. Check out farmstead meatsmith for a similar idea. Your earning here would be in volume to a worldwide market. I’ll do the veg growing ones you have the rest. Haha. Hold on! Here we go! Between you and me hey. You can reject this post after you’ve read it. Cheers

    • Bec

      I second this – I’d pay for an online video 101 type course!

  • Calgary Brown

    I’m from San Fransisco living in Melbourne now and this sounds wonderful! I haven’t heard of anyone back home (one of the epicenters of hyper local eating/homesteading) offering this.

    Needless to say, I want to be your assistant!!!!!

    I’m interested in:

    Trout – smoking (hot), butterfly filleting
    Wild Mushroom foraging – whats safe, cooking demo
    Curing meat – how to make jamon, chorizo, bacon, pancetta etc
    Larder – passata/jam/relish making
    Flour – bread/pasta/pizza base making

    Additionally – Brewing, or maybe liquor infusions? This would probably bring the price up considerably unless people bring their own bottle of alcohol and this could be an optional activity for those who do.

    Also thinking about community building through food. I guess a more general term would be “Curating Table Fellowship” and this might be through a more design approach.

    Can’t wait to hear what you finally come up with!

  • Riva

    Hi Rohan,

    This sounds amazing. Of particular interest to me (amd my partner too, I am sure) would be the stuff on rabbits, trout, mushroom foraging, firearms and curing. The other items are things we’re already quite confident with but sharing is always wonderful.

    The weekend package sounds amazing, though it would certainly be out of our budget for the both of us and may be a bit beyond us for even one person. We’re relatively local (we’re actually moving to Bendigo THIS weekend) so if there was an option sans accommodation, that would be ideal.

    Good luck with the fine details; I shall certainly stay tuned.

  • Ed

    Sounds good, would be interested in all except for gun stuff. Just out of Daylesford so accommodation not needed, would hope for different rate though.
    I’m thinking of running a poly tunnel workshop before winter, you interested?

  • Trinity

    This sounds wonderful! I’d love to gift this to my husband for his birthday. He’d definitely be interested in meat curing as well as the rabbits and rifles.

  • Brooke

    I’d love to this. All of it. Yes please.

  • KRistine Colliver

    I Would LOVE it – but couldnt do the rabbit or bird slaughter

    • rohan

      Well you can come and watch…

  • Kirsten

    Yes please! Have just moved to an acreage and dispatched our first chook last weekend. Would like to be shown how to do it as quickly as possible. Also have a plentiful supply of rabbits to shoot and reportedly lots of mushrooms under the pine trees so I need to know what’s safe to eat.

    • rohan


      It’s super quick to dispatch a bird. The slow part is the plucking!!! ;-)
      Come to Daylesford in April!

  • Christie

    Absolutely and so affordable. Heard of another workshop by bloggers writing and photography, no accomodation or extras just lunch and afternoon tea, one day only $1800! Would be incredible but ultimately unaffordable for likes of moi

  • Tony

    I am interested in the weekend and all topics, could also possibly bring some mates.

  • susan

    I live in southern WA and i would fly over for those course’s in Larder and other, but would need a good bit of notice. Great idea.

  • amy m

    We need an Australia/NY portal nowwww.

  • Philippa

    I’ve been waiting for this! Keen to learn as much as possible – rabbit/trout smoking/mushroom foraging (I have a fear of picking the wrong the ones) and the pricing so far is more than reasonable. Looking forward to hearing more of this adventure.

  • Ceilidh

    Hi Rohan,

    Definitely interested in:

    Trout – smoking (hot), butterfly filleting
    Wild Mushroom foraging – whats safe, cooking demo
    Firearms – safety, maintenance, cleaning care
    Curing meat – how to make jamon, chorizo, bacon, pancetta etc

    and probably most other things you might like to consider for the future!

    Just wondering if there might also be a price without the accommodation cost included?

    Can teach a thing or two about preserving (NOT just jams, but pickles and relish using friendly microbes) and homespun textiles (hand spinning, knitting, crochet etc) if you’re looking to swap training ideas?


  • Melania

    Oh, this sounds incredible. All of it. A whole weekend!! I am certain that you will get the interest for it, no doubt at all! Can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

  • Belinda

    I think the workshop is a great idea. I think the accommodation isn’t necessary & for the price, it is expensive but does include a lot.
    I’d be interested in a workshop on backyard dispatch, curing meats and seasonal veg. Very interested. even if its just one day.

  • Kate

    Trout, gardening, curing and larder. Sounds awesome! My husband and I would be super keen.

  • Miss Piggy

    Sounds super cheap to me…massive bargain! All the topics sound really interesting!

  • Chris Ellett

    I would love to learn all aspects of rabbits, backyard despatch ,curing as a new land holder I think this would be great I’m interested if this happens

  • Helen

    Sounds fantastic!!! The mushrooming & curing alone would be worth the muchachas!

  • Tara Zaicz

    Heck we would travel all the way down from remote Cape York! The price great, not too expensive at all! You are teaching invaluable skills that are priceless. We are down in Melbourne for the last two weeks in March! Please do one in March… or run one on our property on the Atherton Tablelands….

    • Tara Zaicz

      P.S. we would pick curing meet, mushroom hunting, bird and bunny prep.

    • rohan

      Cape York!!! Yes please. If only I had the money to get there I would!

      • Tara Zaicz

        The jeep would make it! We are living up the Cape and work in a remote Indigenous community…. you could go wild pig hunting, catch barra or dispatch a scrub turkey. Haha! But our 20 acre river nest is on the Cairns Hinterland or Atherton Tablelands (4 hours south from where we live)… and we have an endless supply of bunnies. Maybe something to dream up in the future.

  • Shona

    Sounds brilliant!
    Can’t wait to see if you go ahead with this… Autumn?

  • erin

    quite simply put, YES!

  • Damien Matter

    Hi Rohan,

    What a great idea! I would love to take part. I d also love to see you organise a sleeping under the stars, hunting / fishing trip.

    See you on Australia day.

  • Michael

    Rabbits, chooks. Show me how! No worries. Can I eat them on the weekend?

    • rohan


  • Doug

    Rad idea. I wondered when you would start doing this!

  • Andrew Garcia

    This sounds amazing. If only southern California was anywhere near Australia.

  • K

    Yes yes yes. Everything I’ve been really wanting to learn. Thankyou and yes please.

  • Anna

    Foraging for and cooking wild mushrooms would make the basis of a great autumn session.

  • Kurt

    Primo idea, lock it in

  • Chris

    Yep, sounds sweet, esp. curing jamon and bacon, dressing rabbit and chooks and mushrooms. I only live 30mins from Daylesford, so my partner and I wouldn’t need accom. We have chooks and pets to feed and veggie patches to water, so we’d need to pop home. Also would kids be able to come along?
    Cheers, Chris.

  • Gus


  • Cal

    I would be interested in coming down to daylesford. I love checking out the garden of someone passionate about gardening. gives me ideas. knowledge transfer YAY!!!. Rabbits skinning etc, mushrooms, backyard dispatch, firearm safety, curing meat are all things i would love learning more about.

  • Jacinta

    Ahhh, would love to do something like this – especially mushroom foraging ! But, alas, these sorts of things are always so far out of my budget. Sigh.

  • melody (mandarines)

    This is great!
    I’d loke to live in australia to take part in your program :)

  • Turling

    If I didn’t live on the other side of the planet, I’d be there.

  • kaela

    It all sounds brilliant, if it wouldn’t take me 2 days and $2000 to get there from New York. From my perspective the price is the bargain of a lifetime: you can hardly expect to get nice accommodations for a weekend at that price here, let alone meals & training. Could easily be 3 or 4 times that price: or, you know, the price of a flight to Oz. :)

  • Maryanne

    Count me in, this sounds wonderful. I’m someone who has always wanted to live in Daylesford, love it and spend alot of time there on weekends. I’m vegetarian so not particularly interested in the meat side of things, but these ones interest me greatly.

    Wild Mushroom foraging – whats safe, cooking demo, gardening (I can always learn lots more), larder and flours. I have dwarf fruit trees and I never know how to prune properly, that would be beneficial as well.

    I think the price for two night accommodation in Daylesford, meals and classes sounds fair and wouldn’t hesitate in booking. Thank you so much for your blog I look forward to reading it and I borrowed your book from the library, fantastic, so full of useful information.

  • Scott Johnson

    Would love to be involved. Would be uncomfortable with the dispatch but something I need to be able to do.

    I think the comment about handling of rifles further up might be right though, if you have a rifle you should know how to handle it properly, if your getting one you should get the correct education with it.

  • Andrew

    We’re 100% down for this. Sounds like a rad weekend. I want to do it now.

  • Trish Dennis

    Hi Rohan,

    Absolutely, I would be interested in attending! I can’t seem to whittle down your potential list as I am keen to learn all of the above and then some.
    Like most of your replys though, at the top of my list would be:

    *Dispatching Chooks and Bunnys -never done this before for the lack of having my own critters (which will change in the near future when our first ever chook house is completed) and the fear of doing it badly (bloody massacre footage from B grade movies comes to mind).
    *Wild Mushroom Foraging-the only ones I have ever eaten from the wild were under my friend’s pine trees which she has been harvesting since she was a little girl so I knew they were safe to eat. I see plenty of other sorts out there but never touch them.
    *Gardening -any and all wisdom that you wish to share.
    *Trout Dressing/Smoking- I assume this can be adapted to any type of fish (?) as we are more likely to catch a salmon or snapper off our beach here in Cape Bridgewater.
    *Flour- yes please, every attempt I make at baking bread ends in disappointment and another chunky doorstop/paper weight. I learn much better by watching and hands on than by endlessly re-reading and trying to decipher a recipe in a book. This is one skill in the kitchen that my mother didn’t have so unfortunatey she couldn’t pass it on to us girls.
    *Larder- I hope to have some excess from the veg garden this year and I’m determined to try and put some up for winter.
    * Curing meats- sure!
    *Firearms- I have read some of the other comments which suggest this wouldn’t be useful information because it should be common knowledge if you already own a gun, which we do not. My husband and I have looked into joining our local gun club in order to gain the skills needed and become eligible for gun licenses. This will take time and practice (as it well should) but until then all knowledge is useful!
    I also like the suggestion to add home brewing to the list- what’s a nice meal without a companion glass of fine brew??

    As for the cost, I have stayed in Daylesford twice before and depending upon the quality of accommodation, you can easily spend $200 a night soley on your lodging. Daylesford being the “expensive spa destination” that it is, even the less desirable rooms are pricey. Therefore, your suggested price for the weekend is quite reasonable although perhaps out of a lot of your reader’s budgets. I myself would need to start saving up now if it were to be this April so please let me know when and where to sign up!

  • Paul – The Kind Little Blogger

    Do one that isn’t centred around meat or huntin’ and I am there.

  • victoria

    I think it sounds amazing. Im not in a position to do it this time round, but think that the price is great value for money. You can do a one day CAE workshop in Melbourne for about 6 hours and spend $240.00 so what you’re offering is fantastic value.

  • Ramona

    this sounds amazing and I would definitely pay that to participate. fabulous!

  • Darrun

    I like thelady in the piCtur.

  • Kat

    I’m from Brisbane and can only dream about attending. How about taking the show on the road – I reckon you could do several in each state, easy. I’d be interested in the curing, larder and gardening – particularly if you had some advice how to cure in a humid environment. Also how about having some special guests – I’d be keen for cheese making!

  • Bec

    Sounds fantastic, I would love to attend. Definitely keen on hearing more about this event.

  • Bec Bowie

    ahem YES! Fantastic idea and nicely priced.
    Depending on your choice of date i am a sure thing.
    I’m into Rabbits, Trout, Wild Mushrooms, Gardening, Curing Meat, definitely Larder, darn it for me i’m gluten free but happy to watch any bread making and pizza eating.
    Can’t wait,

  • Brendan

    Mushroom foraging, run that and I there!

  • Dan Lavis

    Brilliant. Count me in.

    No feedback on the activities – its your show and I’ll happily learn whatever you’re willing to teach :)

  • Alison@streetfood

    Google + have a way that you can sell video tutorials, I think it’s Google Hangout? Might be a way to offer good words and thoughts and knowledge to all those over the seas or far away.

    Still think you should investigate Kickstarter as well, some people offer workshops and advice in exchange for start up funds. Check this one out:

  • Matt

    Im interested in rabbits and meat curing mostly and all the rest as well really….

    Would be two of us.

  • Susan


    I’d love to come for the weekend. I live in Canberra these days and am on a tight budget, so I’d need some advance notice. But my partner could probably drive me down and stay with his folks in Ballarat while I’m in Daylesford. I’ve never been ther, and always wanted to. It’s weird. I went to school in Ballarat, but never made it to Daylesford.

    The most exciting thing on your list is mushrooming, so I’d be keen for one in mushroom season. I make my own bacon already, but I’m interested in how you do that and your other curing/smoking things. And hey, I’m up for skinning and gutting my own rabbit. I’m also keen on the nettle pesto you do.

  • Clinton Trevisi

    Sounds awesome!!! Conchi and I are in for sure! Just let us know if you can fit us in…

  • Alex

    Would be interested in all of the topics – but live overseas! Given the price of accommodation in Australia i think the price is reasonable too .-)

  • Peter Booth

    Have you ever seen the movie:
    Return to Eden? -It’s a free download!
    All you need is a rake, wood chips and some seed.
    Low water / no water veggies.

  • Josh

    Definitely in. This would be amazing. Interested in the foraging, larder, gardening and curing meats. Though all information given out would happily be taken on board. Looking forward to seeing this get off the ground.


    Definitely interest here. Sounds amazing.

  • Emily

    What a great idea! My partner and I would definitely be interested in the curing, rifle maintenance , gardening , pasata and flour workshops. I think the price is very reasonable too.

  • Nick

    Yes yes yes yes, oh and did I mention? Yes! :D
    Sounds great! Definately would participate if given the chance!

    Hope it all goes well!


  • Cath Tyler

    My parnter and I would be very interested. Especially keen on rabbits, trout, backyard dispatch, curing meat and mushrooming.

  • Mark

    I’m in!

  • Bree

    This is a fantastic idea! I’m interested in mushroom foraging and curing meat, I’ve got all the other topics pretty well covered though so not sure I need to do a full weekend workshop. Would you consider doing a private info session on request?

  • Pam

    Yes please! I could fill all the places with super-excited friends!!!

  • Tovah

    This sounds amazing and such a bargain! Would be interested in everything, mainly the curing, gardening and mushrooming. But not the firearms as I have no gun.

  • patti

    I’d love to go and so would my partner :) we have a place nearby though, so is there a no accommodation option? Sounds like lots of fun!

  • Damian

    absolutely. count me and my wife (and kids) in!

  • Jacob Swain

    Love the sound of this, although I am a chef myself, I would be more interested in helping you out with ideas and being a helping hand during classes. Great idea, maybe you can teach me to shoot some time?

  • cityhippyfarmgirl

    A big fat yes!

  • Dave Brookes

    I’m in for a yes…..

  • tamara

    Hells yes!
    I’ll send Himself, and come too if we can get kids looked after.

    Chicken/rabbit dispatching, mushroom foraging, trout. Anything else you’d like to throw in would be a bonus.

    I think the price is fine – possibly on the low side – especially for a 2 night workshop, with accommodation and meals. With enough notice and a payment plan, people could save up for/make instalment payments. If they really want to come, they’ll find the dosh. Somewhere!

    We’ll look out for dates!

  • Andy

    Such an awesome idea, would love to do a weekend class.
    I think it is good value.

    I am interested in
    Butchering/ processing rabbits
    Meat curing
    Backyard dispatch/ processing

  • Shelley Tillyard

    The worlds BIGGEST YES PLEASE. Excited. Already.

  • Ange

    We’ve just done the tree change thing and I have no idea what I’m doing with all this land. So I’d be really interested in a course like this – specially the seasonal gardening and curing meat thing.

  • Nicole McRae

    Make another book with these topics!! I.e. a whole few pages on making procuitto. (building the stand, purchasing the cut, curing temps, and how to cut and store it when it’s done)

  • The Life of Clare

    This sounds fantastic. I’ve recently decided that its more important to me to know where my food comes from and buy ethically than to have food on demand. I would love, so much to find out more about foraging and growing. What a great price for fantastic knowledge!

  • Bianca

    Book me in ASAP for curing meat! Curing meat has been a stumbling block as I’m a scardy cat of the possibility of ballsing it up and giving everyone food poisoning. I’d also love to do a backyard chook dispatch etc workshop. I believe so strongly in knowing where food comes from but when it came time to dispatch of an unwanted rooster last year I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I really want to conquer that fear and walk the walk not just talk the talk.

  • Jessica Lowe

    My husband and I are from Wollongong and are very interested in foraging. Food prices are ridiculous here and there is a real deficit in real food. We would probably be interested in something like this! Please let us know when you open up your workshops!

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