Workshops now open

There’s been a great amount of work behind the scenes, but now finally I can happily tell you that the workshops (yes I’ve been talking about them for some time) are now open! It’s been akin to establishing a new boarding school! We’ve had to find a suitable location not only to run the workshops but to provide accommodation and we’ve found that place just down the road!


Finally I’ve set out a program that covers most skills, although there is one main skill that will have to wait for the summer workshops, and that is preserving with fruit and veg. However, most other topics that you’ve asked for will be covered, but obviously not all in one weekend. I’ve spread out options so you can get a few skills taught over a workshop. It’s taken me years to learn these skills, I couldn’t possibly do you any justice trying to jam it all into one weekend!


Some of the skills on offer will be confronting, some will challenge you emotionally as a human, as an eater. For these I have provided you with the option to have a true hands on experience. You can either watch and learn or you can learn by doing. It’s up to you.


Some topics, like wild mushroom foraging will test your character, especially if you’ve only ever eaten supermarket food. Eating wild food and trusting that wild meat and foraged items are ok to eat took me a while to get used to. But with the right knowledge and safe approach to identification and assessment you will be ok. And I’ll be there to hold your hand… figuratively not literally (that’s an extra fee)


There is a fee, which covers rad accommodation, both fancy B&B or ‘glamping’ in the stables. It is a learning course, so you pay for knowledge, and you get fed with food I’ll cook for you. I expect help with the dishes though!


The workshops will very much be a communal event of like minded people, so if you’re a redneck don’t apply. This is for people that want to learn skills that will help make a positive change to their food acquisition while also settling some ethical dilemmas for those of us that are meat eaters.


The aim of the workshops if for me to share skills for simpler living. You in turn will share some skills with others. If the process continues we have a possibility to make a positive change to how we view food, how we respect food and what impact we have on the environment by living closer towards semi-self sufficiency.

Go and have a look!

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  • Fraser from Old Mill Rd

    GREAT! Congratulations, best of luck, have heaps of fun, go forward. I love it!

  • Brenda

    I’m working out babysitting as we speak and then I’ll be booking it in for the husband and I! Oh…I’m so excited!!! Congrats Rohan…looks amazing xx

  • Jane @ Shady Baker

    Looks and sounds amazing Rohan and Kate, good luck with it, not that you will need it!

  • Tim

    Hi Rohan,
    I’d just like to point out that the term ‘redneck’ is not ok. It is a classist term that references the sunburnt necks of outdoor workers; historically the lower classes. Using the term is akin to calling someone a ‘peasant’ as a derogation.
    As an avid outdoorsperson, a hunter, a gatherer and a field-worker in your own backyard, I would hope that you understand that no matter the current usage of the term, the word is offensive in its etymology and unnecessary in positive conversations such as those on your blog.
    I don’t mean to attack, but merely to draw attention to a very negative turn of phrase and I fully understand that sometimes we say/type things without thinking about their meaning, but I think it is important that we remain critical of ourselves and that we constantly evaluate what we put out into the world.
    Yours in good faith,

    • Sue love

      Get over it ,Tim. Do we have question every bloody thing?
      I think, Rohan meant that you don’t come along if you are aware of what the workshop is about!

    • Sue from the Sunshine Coast

      Beware the metaphor entymologists! We could of course strip all the colour from our language. Rohan you should have said: Please do not sign up for the workshop if you are of brutish nature, seeking only to torture small bunnies, terrorise chooks and brandish over sized knives otherwise strapped to your large belt bearing a metal buckle depicitng angry bovine motifs. Please also refrain from attending if your intent is to slash and burn your way through virgin bush and demonstrate testosterone superiority by indiscriminately popping mushroom looking fungi into your leering mouth. There may be no vounteers handy to resucitate you. That may have been better Rohan, longer, more boring, but better. Get a life Tim, words and meaning change, as the Macquarie Dictionary.

      • Heidi Congdon

        I think Tim raises an interesting point. While the word might not really matter, it can be worth thinking about who we alienate when we use certain words, and some parts of the fantastic slow food/real food movement can be quite elitist.

        • rohan

          I get called a redneck often because word gets out that I hunt for a lot of my food. I just don’t want to encourage anyone who IS thinking that my workshops are about killing for the sake of using guns etc. Guns are just a tool, not a representation of machismo. But in reality if a Redneck refers to someone working outside in the sun and as a result has a tanned neck….then I’m a redneck!!!

          I can’t believe I’m actually spending time on this topic. There are more important issues at hand than just a word.

          • Tim

            Thanks Rohan, for acknowledging that it is not just a word, but the alienation of some the people who your blog is both about and for (from my outsider understanding). You sure do have a devoted and excitable readership!

      • Nancy

        I reckon you bitches sound like sluts.

        Wait… words do perpetuate social notions, they do affect (and at times stagnate) conotation, they do have the power to offend and they do matter.

        I’m with Tim wholeheartedly, and it’s relieving to see him call it here. In general, those who take a step beyond simply speaking and decide to in fact publish their words, have a responsibility to consider them (they can be considered in any fashion or direction at will, but “it’s just a word” or “I didn’t mean anything by it” is in pathetic opposition to an author’s choice to publish). This consideration should also, in my very strong opinion, be extended to the most basic structural considerations, grammar and punctuation and forms an important divide between those with great ideas worth sharing with their neighbours (read: everyone holds this greatness) and those who are writers.

  • Rob Wilmot

    Good on you Rohan, it’s really heartening to see that so many people are interested in what you have to say and to teach. It’s also interesting the number of people who would like to take some control over their food supply and lives in general.

  • Selby

    Looks gorgeous Rohan wish you every success with it- I hope you get a huge uptake:)

  • kenzie king

    Why oh why was I not born an Aussie? I so wish I could come to these workshops. I imagine nothing but success. The sleeping quarters look awesome! Good work. Have a great time with it.

    • Alex

      I can recommend that if and when you ever have the opportunity you should take at least a 2 week trip to Australia. Try and coordinate it with when one of these courses takes place and you are guaranteed an experience that goes beyond the general city trip/visit to a country town. I\ve done something like that in Europe before! I had to save up for ages, but the 5 days were worth it and I made great and like minded friends that I stay in touch with in other parts of the world.

      Daylesford is beautiful any time of the year.

      You should go! Fly in to Melbourne and catch a bus out there from Melbourne Southern Cross Station.

  • Elise

    What a lovely idea. I wish I were able to attend. Have fun!

  • Trish

    Fantastic Rohan! I am trying at this very moment to book a space in your first workshop but I cannot complete the booking as I never get to a check out page for payment details etc. ??

    BTW, Tim just needs to chill his politically-correct-thin-skin out! For heaven’s sake, we all kow what your intent was in using the term ‘redneck’ and should take it in the way it was intended, with a small dollop of humor ;)

    • rohan

      Hey Trish, Press the view cart button to complete transaction. Let me knowing that works. Ro

      • Patricia

        Yep! Thanks Rohan, that did the trick! Usually when you purchase online there is a promt or a button to click to “proceed to checkout”. I didn’t know I had to go through “view cart”.
        I’m all booked for a great Mother’s Day weekend adventure in learning new skills!
        One further question, do we arrive Friday night or just get there very early for Saturday breakfast? I’ll have a 3+ hour drive ahead of me and need to know if I’m up well before the rooster or more sanely, still comfortably asleep at the homestead when he crows!

  • Belinda

    Congrats Rohan this is fabulous! I’m checking my budget, and I’m gonna try to fit a worshop in by hook or by crook. I’m SOOOOO excited – thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    • rohan

      Love to see you there! Sorry about the price but with accom, food and all the behind the scenes work it’s almost a full time job! I’ve tried to keep it down as much as I could. :-)

      • Belinda

        Please don’t apologise for the price, I think it’s very reasonable!! And this is the kind of knowledge that is after all, priceless. I think I just need to do a bit of a re-shuffle of the old $$$ and I should be sweet to make it :) Yay excited!

  • Paul Huckett

    Looking forward to seeing some dates so we can plan in advance !!

    • rohan

      Paul click on the link and each workshops dates are outlined with details for each weekends activities.

  • Miin

    Rohan, you are f***ing awesome! Thank all things good that motivated, inspiring people like you exist!
    Wishing you every success as you deserve it, for all your hard work, passion and faith in living.
    With love and hugs

  • Darrun

    wIllyou bE cooking potatos&

  • Dad Berry

    I just had a look around your General Store. Absolutely first class. I wish you every success, you both deserve it.

  • Kathy

    All the best for your workshop, I’m memorized by your photography. Who takes most of your photos and of course you are in many of them. What camera lenses are you working with. They are simply stunning. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  • Woman on Wild Mountain

    Perfect offerings. Yay for you and anyone who is lucky enough to take any of your courses.

  • Julia

    Hi, are the workshops all sold out? Nothing seems to happen after I select options…

    • rohan

      No Julia….just press the VIEW CART button. Then it will show you all the things you picked. Drop me a line if it still isn’t working for you. Ro

  • Sally

    Wow! The whole thing looks amazing! Wishing you every success with the workshops and that we lived a whole lot closer!!